This area of the website is written specifically for those who are struggling with self-harm. If we say nothing else, we want to say to you that there is hope. It is possible to get to a point when you’re not stuck in the pain and struggle of self-harm, where you feel in control, and where you can live a full and varied life.

When we talk about people who self-harm, we switch between the terms ‘sufferer’ and ‘survivor’. We use ‘sufferer’ because self-harm is not something you can stop immediately – it needs recovery time and help to get over. But we also use ‘survivor’ because, if you self-harm, that is what you are. You have managed to find a way to deal with emotional pain that works for you and enables you to carry on with your life. Finding a way to cope with pain is a valuable skill, but with time, it is possible to develop healthier coping mechanisms.

We pray that you find help and encouragement on this website. We hope also that you will use what knowledge you have of self-harm to help the others who use this site, because you are the experts on this. Please feel free to contact us with your input.