Adullam provides these forums for anyone who wants to use them. This might be to celebrate successes, vent feelings, or share something that you have found helpful in dealing with self-harm.

We have specified areas for…

  • self-harmers,
  • young self-harmers (under 18’s),
  • people who care for self-harmers (relatives, friends…),
  • people who encounter self-harm professionally (nurses, teachers…)
  • general chatting rooms.

We have deliberately made the forums anonymous. We don’t require an email address and you need not use your real name. However, we do require that you register and choose a password. This ensures that no-one else can post under your screen-name.

You will be asked to read some rules before posting any messages. These are general rules used in forums – you may be familiar with them. We would like you to please respect other users of the forum by putting a warning in the title line of the post if it contains anything you think may be triggering to other self-harmers. Using TTT at the beginning will let other users know that they might find your post difficult to read. We would also request that, as a carer or professional, you don’t use your client or loved one’s real name – this reserves their right to confidentiality.

The forums will be moderated by people from Adullam, who are there to help and advise you as much as possible. They may, at times, make moves to edit inappropriate messages, but will always try to tell you why.

We pray that these forums will be a blessing to you, that you find them encouraging and strengthening, and that they give you hope.