Speaking And Teaching

Speaking engagements

Abbie is available to come and speak to groups on a variety of subjects, including understanding self-harm, eating disorders and other coping mechanisms, and dealing with mental illness within the church. She is also available to speak at women’s ministry events and conferences.

If you would like to book Abbie for an event then please contact us.


Abbie is also available to run workshops on any of the above topics. These are available for small groups (approx 10-20 delegates) and can be aimed at any level of understanding. Although the Christian faith is at the centre of Adullam Ministries’ ethos, course content is not overtly Christian in nature unless requested, and is ideal for people of any faith, race or profession.

Abbie has run workshops for counselling centres, GPs, ministers, church pastoral care groups and prison workers.

Self-Harm Workshop

A typical Self-Harm workshop enables helpers to identify and define scales of self-harming behaviour; understand triggers, outcomes and the cyclical nature of self-harm; respond appropriately to self-harmers; use examples of effective intervention techniques; and work in a sensitive and positive way together with self-harmers whilst observing safety issues for both themselves and people in their care.

Whilst the course is suitable for people who might know very little about self-harm, it is not appropriate for sufferers themselves. We are hoping to produce a course for sufferers that will look at ways to reduce self-harming, coping mechanisms to be used in the place of injury, building healthy relationships and how to deal with other people’s responses to your self-harm.

Basic Listening Skills Workshop

Abbie’s workshops in basic listening skills are suitable for anyone who wants to improve the way they communicate with hurting people. Incorporating brief descriptions of skills, time to practise listening to one another, and advice onto how best to care for yourself when involved in listening deeply to people’s problems, the course aims to equip anyone who cares with the skills they need to listen more effectively.

Because each workshop is developed and written from scratch, the content, length and subject matter can be tailored to suit any specific requirements

If you are interested either in hosting or attending a workshop in your area please contact us.