Abbie’s Books

Secret Scars

Published By Authentic Media, March 2007.

Secret Scars is a young girl’s story of her journey through self-harm and related disorders to a life of freedom.

From five years old, Abbie didn’t know who she was supposed to be. To deal with her lack of identity she turned to self-harm, using it as a form of control. Eventually she began the painstaking process of ceasing her behaviour and discovering her identity in Christ. She was finally able to say that she was free of self-harm. In this moving tale Abbie fights self-doubt, her urge for control and the demons of childhood scars to find her identity in a God who loves her. This honest account shows how difficult it is to be a Christian who is struggling, and that healing is something that happens throughout Christian life, as you grow in God.

Her story – starkly honest, at times frightening, and ultimately inspiring – follows this gifted young girl through adolescence and into the depths of despair and beyond. It gives powerful insights into cutting as well as anorexia and bulimia. Secret Scars is a must-read for anyone who has secret scars, or knows those who do.

Insight Into Self-Harm

Published by CWR, January 2014.  Co-Authored with Helena Wilkinson.

Also available directly from CWR.

How well do we understand the lonely, often secret, world of self-harm? The authors of Insight into Self-Harm aim both to develop awareness and and to offer solutions to anyone whose life is touched by the problem. The practical tools in this book offer real hope for recovery.

Drawing on case studies, personal and professional experience, the authors offer practical and spiritual help to those who suffer and those who care as they grapple with the issues involved.

A range of people will find this book helpful, from those still stuck in the dark world of self-harm, to family members, friends, church and youth workers, and those helping in a professional capacity. Readers are encouraged to address the reasons behind the issue and offered keys to coping with life’s hurdles – tools and hope for recovery.

Key insights in this book include:

  • the nature of self-harm and its underlying causes
  • the path to physical and spiritual recovery
  • dealing with relapse
  • tips for those who help and support

The Waverley Abbey Insight Series has been developed in response to the great need to help people understand and face some key issues that many of us struggle with today. CWR’s ministry spans teaching, training and publishing, and this series draws on all of these areas of ministry.

Praise for Abbie’s books

“I am sure that those who suffer from self-harm, eating disorders, perfection and/or identity struggles will relate to the battles fought and won within these pages; and those who ‘stand alongside’ will have their eyes opened to the inner world of sufferers.”
Helena Wilkinson, author of nine books including Beyond Chaotic Eating.

“Abbie Robson has discovered the healing consolation of God’s love and acceptance and she deserves to be heard. Her story can do nothing but good for those walking the lonely path of sin and self-harm.”
Joe Story, The Manna House