I don't believe in God anymore !

Because under 18's (or so) face different pressures.

I don't believe in God anymore !

Postby animal lover » Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:25 pm

Hi everything is going wrong and ever since i started high school it does not feel right going to church anymore.
I hate my body so much in the past i have only eaten one meal a day and tried to make myself sick and i keep on getting urges to stop eating.
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Postby asc » Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:52 pm

I'm sorry things are so bad for you at the moment. Sometimes it is really hard to know why God allows bad things to happen to us. One thing we do know is that He has been there, and He is there in our suffering.

It is hard to go to church when your friends don't, but we really need the fellowship of Christians to strengthen us and keep us going. What kind of church do you go to? Different people feel more at ease with different forms of worship. Is there a Christian Union at your school? It would help if you could have some Christian friends to support you. I'm sure there must be on-line communities for young people, too - I'll see what I can find out.

Don't feel that you can't be a Christian because you hate your body so much. God loves your body, but He understands how you feel. He understands your self-harm. Are you eating more now? It is important that you have enough nutrients to keep your body in good health.

I'm afraid I have to get to bed now, but I wondered if you would like to email me and tell me what kind of things are going wrong, what triggers you to cut, and why you feel so bad about your body. I'd like to understand. I'm sorry I'm a bit out of touch with young people! Please don't feel I'm prying.

God says that we are 'precious and honoured.' Because we are precious, he protects as and holds us close to His heart. Because we are honoured, He presents us to the Father and says "Wow - look at My special child."

You are special. God loves you. We love you. God sees you as perfect and complete. We need to learn to see ourselves as God sees us.

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