Feeling triggered ****Trig s/h***

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Feeling triggered ****Trig s/h***

Postby asc » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:02 pm

I keep having images of what I could do, and what I would like to do - slowly, surgically. I want to s/h. But I want to stay free.

I've had an atypical migraine today and feel wiped out and shaky. I was sick when I got to work and nearly came home, but there was data needed today - some of it complicated to prepare. I hadn't finished that when I was asked to re-do some mailing lists. I did them with the data requested on the 1st, then Thursday they wanted to separate some out, which I did. Then today they decided they wanted more counties in one group and less in the other = immediately! Does our new Head of Fundraising think I sit doing nothing till he wants changes in what he has asked for?! Fortunately I was able to do things in Access which meant I didn't have to go back to square one. Then we had new donors to add from a telemarketing campaign. I'll have to finish that tomorrow and get their Direct Debits sorted out. It was also really cold in the basement.

I'm concerned about some problems with my new laptop. It had Windows XP Service Pack 3 installed, and this causes other problems, and my modem or phone line is playing up.

I feel so shattered. I feel used and exploited. There has been a fair bit of squeaking from the rat cage - one of the young ones pinning the other. So long as she doesn't pin Poppy. I'm worried about Poppy - her lump is quite big and I'm afraid the skin might break down - but she seems very happy and lively. Little madam Ratina squeezed out of the playpen this morning, and I had a job to catch her.

I've been off prescribed sleeping tablets for a week, but will take one tonight only.

I should be looking forward to going away. I was so keen about the photographic course. Now it seems so long till Saturday and Tuesday - yet not long till I'm back to work Friday week.
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