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Postby Beautifully_Broken » Thu May 05, 2016 12:27 am

I've been on here a few times recently. I miss this group of people and the support and love we shared. I'm obviously happy that people don't feel the need to come around anymore, I can only take that as a positive, however I still find it sad.

We shared some of our most intimate moments, thoughts and feelings about our lives here. We shared our fears, hopes and dreams, openly and without fear of being laughed at, bullied or hurt. I know I shared things on here that I would never repeat to anyone. In fact I was reading back through some of my posts and realised how far I've come, how much my life has changed.

I don't miss the previous times in my life, but I don't wish I hadn't had them. They've shaped me into the person I am now and given me the strength to go through my recent tough times.

I'm not sure if any of you know, but I got engaged, nearly a year ago now and I'm getting married in October. Things have been tough since Iain and I got engaged. I needed my shunt replaced twice, then ended up with meningitis and my shunt was removed. I spend the best part of 9 weeks in hospital, but spent 7 solid weeks in. It's interrupted uni (yes I'm still trying to become a nurse!) and I'm due back in a couple of months for placement. However, due to the wedding and moving out come October I thought I'd best make a start on clearing out my room. Whilst doing so I came across letters, cards and a book of poems from Ann (asc). It got me thinking that since her death, this forum has become almost silent. Ann posted several times a day. She faithfully replied even when things weren't great for her either. I miss her, very much.

I miss you all and I hope and pray that you are well.

I'll keep looking back to see if anyone is around.

Lots of love,

Ruth xx
With Jesus I can take it,
With Him I know I can stand,
No matter what may come my way,
My life is in your hands.

It's lonely when you don't even know yourself...
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Re: Memories

Postby mermaidzen » Tue May 10, 2016 12:58 pm

I feel the same. Yes lots of us are on Facebook and chat on there but I wouldn't want to post half of what I post here in Facebook it's too open for all the world to see. I hope this forum becomes active again even if not to post about SH but just to encourage each other.
Take care Ruth

Remember God loves you :) I know he loves me as well and has a plan for me :) just wish he would hurry up with it as I can't take much more of this pain :(
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