H.A.L.T. ang T.I.P.O.a.

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H.A.L.T. ang T.I.P.O.a.

Postby asc » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:20 am

I think it was Kezzie who firt=st brought us the acronymn for triggers:

H. Hungry (certainly more urges after a fasting blood test.

A. Angry (very common)

L. Lonely (biggest for me in this group)

T. Tired (just about ties with the last)

A few more, although not a strict word.

T. Tablets (medication)
Illicit drugs
Too much or too little
Side effects
Interactions (it was onlt the other week that I found that in certain people two of my pan tablets could give me hallucinations.
as will as the other scary ones!
Metabolic problems - I used to get so angry that no pain meds ever seemd to work on Mum, but other thinks Like beta-bockers
could react excessvely (add the dreaded gabapentin for me) Som of us produce below-average amounts of certain enzymes
which either break things down doo quickly or too slowly
I Illness - viruses, stress, injuries, other infections, operations
P Pain - my worst in this lot
O Overactive minde, especially at night, preparing things for forums - often goes with tiredness
A Anxiety - I have some anxieties about my eyes at present - endless typos! Poor Concentration
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