Staying SH-free, but so hard

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Staying SH-free, but so hard

Postby asc » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:13 pm

Well, I havent SH for about a month now, but get strong urges. Last night I slept without sleeping tablets and the night pain has been easier since I started Clonazepam. I have permission to use a tiny dose in the day, but it does make me sleepy.

I went to a physio on Monday. She is good for instruction in exercises, but the ultrasound she used has made it so much worse. I had osteopathy and acupuncture just now. I'm feeling really tired and have a lousy headache - partly due to the weather.

I'm praying that all will go well at my pre-operative assessment clinic on Tuesday - especially my blood pressure, and also that my back injections will be arranged for the 17th or 24th. I'm really scared about that.

Off for a rest now, aqnd a bit more sorting out upstairs.

Thinking of you all. I keep trying to ring JJ but get no response or ringback. This does hurt, as I was very much involved with her holiday.

I also wonder if anyone has heard from Rachaelsonali?
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