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Counselling appointment

Postby asc » Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:04 am

My counsellor rang yesterday and I have an appointment for Thursday at 3pm but then, unless things change, only one more a month after that. As my two triggers are pain and relationship problems at church, I'm asking for the next session to be on pain, pacing etc., and then something on non-verbal communication etc., plus where to go from there. Much as I like her, I don't want to go back to S for counselling - her style is just not mine. There is one more Christian counsellor I may investigate. I find the whole thing very scary.

I've had a couple of very bad days with back pain etc. It's lovely to see the snow gone, even if it is raining.

Tomorrow I'll be at the Salvation Army and pray that I can manage without any upsets with Captain (or the technical side). It is Commitment Sunday, which is a very special day. Our first commitment is, of course, to the Lord, but we have, in being members, also committed ourselves to the organisation, our 'sections' - Songsters in my case, And our leadership. I certainly feel that I am called to worship there at present, in spite of the hassles.

Now I must do a couple of Christmas montages for Cautley House.
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