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Postby asc » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:03 am

I'm the type of person who prays "Lord, give me patience, and I want it NOW!" I'm waiting for a table to be delivered this afternoon, and just hoping they will take my old one - also a working TV. I'm keeping the DVD player and set-top box to link up to the TV in my bedroom, which at present I don't use.Removing the things stored under the table etc. has been a nightmare. My back was already playing up, and was really painful.;

Table arrived pretty well on time, they took the old one and the TV. I've set the new one up quite easily and have sorted out about half the room. If I can, I will move my hi-fi over the other side of the room so I can put the Explorer cage up, although I may not use it until the metal trays arrive as Ratara and Ratina are chewers. Not sure if I;ll be able to put it uo myself.

By Wednesday I have to empty the sideboard, try to tough it up and await the wall unit some time that day. It will look much better and may be the sput I need to mot let this room get into that state again. Other rooms are awful!

While clearing up I found a couple of 'tools' with my craft staff - the urge was there, just because of the pain, but otherwise I am so much better.
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