Thoughts and poems - Light

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Thoughts and poems - Light

Postby asc » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:44 pm

It is amazing how the Lord seems to be bringing out one thing this year. When I designed my card, I had the idea for the front and the poem to be about "The Light of the World." Sunday I was unable to attend my service (if it was held) because of the appalling weather, which made transport unsafe. I walked to our local church carol service - theme "Light in darkness."

With tremendous difficulty I came down here to the Christmas Houseparty - again a great emphasis on light. Yesterday, in the evening, I was really praying for us - and those like us, and wrote:

I pray for those in darkness - the light, once known, now dim.
Life's problems, pains and burdens can close our eyes to Him;
To Him, our God, our Saviour, the true and only Light.
Come, Lord, dispel our darkness - the dreams and fears of night.

The Light came as a baby; by faith we take His hand.
We start upon a journey towards the Promised Land.
Lord, if our light is dimming, rekindle us again -
With wax that will not fail us, but will the light sustain.

The light of Christ - the person Who knows us through and through -
Nothing too dark, too evil that He can make us new.
That Light, once dimmed at Calvary takes all that we have done,
All others have done to us are burned up in God's Son.

For Jesus takes the darkness - by His hand leads us on
Through sunshine and through shadow until life's race is run.
Then, in the realms of heaven the Lord will be the Light;
No sin, no pain, no darkness, but glory, pure eand bright.


We thought about the things we hope and trust for - and I thought of Abbie and Helena - really free, and know that 'could' be me in His will. The same applies to healing from my fibromyalgia (?) But then we thought of things which we may doubt. God may not remove the pain and temptations, or other illnesses, and my mind was taken to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego before the fiery furnace - "We believe our God is able to deliver us - but if not..." This led me to writing these words before our midnight service:

Sometimes within a furnace our pathway seems to lie.
Like the three men in Daniel we trust our God on high.
We trust Him for deliverance - our lives are in His care;
"But if not.." we still trust Him, our faith to all declare.

We look to God for healing, for freedom from our pain;
For peace in mind and spirit, for strength to live again.
"But if not..." we will trust Him for grace to help each day
To live moment by moment with Him upon the way.

He says He'll walk beside us through good things and through ill;
With His grace without measure, His power constant still.
And so we go trogether, our problems with Christ face;
Living by His free power, sustained by boundless grace.

For part of that, I was thinking of the song "He giveth more grace as our burdnes grow greater. If anyone wants the words ill share them - it is one of the songs for my "Survival Kit."

Then we had midnight communion. We began by thinking how and why we adopted a pagan sun festival and it's meaning to us as the "Son Festival."

The days begin to lengthen - people worshiooed the sun.
We take this date, transform it to celebrate God's Son.
For in the inky darkness we perish in the night,
But Christ was born, our Saviour - the world's Eternal Light.
This light is not wxtinguishedby anything on earth,
No pwers of hell or darkness defeat the Saviour's birth.
God's holy light now kindles new light within our hears
Piercing the gloom and shadow. His light new life imparts.

After Communion I was very taken with the fact that light is not just for Christmas. However, sometime is may be brilliant beams, but others, in the words of a junior choir peace at church, "just enough light." This was brilliantly illustrated as I went upstairs, after the lights were out. It was hard for her to see the lock, and also the strangely-placed room light. I held my little torch - no brigh beams bt "just enough light."

Light - not just for Christmas, but for every day.
Light streams from our Saviour to show us the way.
Light - piercing thr darkness and gloom of our night
Light - healing our blindness and giving us sight.

Light - not just in wonders, but in little things -
For "just enough light" our Saviour mow brings;
The light for one "Baby step" He says we'll know,
Then light for another as onward we go.

Light - glowing in darkness, proclaims Jesus near.
Light shed on the pathway, dispelling out fear.
Light - giving a foretaste of glory divine;
Light from the Creator in our lives may shine.

These are such precious words to me, and I pray that you will find the "Light of Christ" coming to you - perhaps bramatically - "Light buld moments" - perhaps the gentle hand. God loves you. Whatever you have donr, or others have done to you, His healing and clransing light is here for you'


P:erhaps time to have another look at God's Chisel - - perhaps something to watch each day - perhaps these words, or the words from Zeohaniah to write round our mirrors.May you have "just enough light to keep you going, yet at light within thatkeeps on growing as you move into the mext season.

Chrisatian love, special greetings!
Ann / www.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" 2 Corinthians 12v9
"You are God's masterpiece." Ephesians 2v10 God doesn't make junk!
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